The Next Generation IT Automation Platform

Surpass your automation expectations with best-in-class management, automation, and orchestration for PKI and network infrastructure, packed into one powerful, scalable platform.

Enabling Application-First Security and Infrastructure Automation

The AppViewX platform provides end-to-end management, automation, and orchestration of application security and network infrastructure services. It is intuitive, closed-loop, and state-aware - capable of verifying that intent has been achieved - with actionable insights and automated remediation. The platform’s architecture is modular, low-code, and extensible.

Different Teams, Different Needs, One Platform

A robust IT is the springboard for business growth and innovation. For IT to be robust, the teams that constitute IT - network, application, and security teams - should work together seamlessly. The AppViewX platform guarantees seamless continuity between different teams by offering role-based automation capabilities.

The Network Engineer/NetOps Team

  • Build reliable, agile, self-healing networks with event-driven orchestration for L2 -L7 devices.
  • Automate device provisioning, network configuration management, and infrastructure operations across on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

The Application Owner/DevOps Team

  • Accelerate application delivery by self-servicing the provisioning and management of application services, such as load balancing and certificates.
  • Eliminate downtimes by automating blue-green deployments, real-time monitoring, and improved visibility into the service environment.

The Security Engineer/SecOps Team

  • Enforce compliance and governance on both application and network with policy-based security orchestration.
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities with real-time insights into application and device health, context-aware troubleshooting, and auto-remediation of incidents.

Innovative Solution Views

Gain 360° visibility into the service infrastructure with application-centric topology maps.

Search any application/network object and get its hierarchical location, state, health, and configuration.

Stay on top of application availability and traffic management with RBAC-powered dashboards.

Get a high-level graphical view of the certificate chain of trust and perform various certificate actions with the click of a button.

Quick and Easy Automation

Translate business logic into automation workflows with 800+ out-of-the-box automation tasks.

Allow application teams and business users to self-service automation workflows with persona-based catalogs.

Improve speed and stability by integrating app/network service automation into CI/CD pipelines, and manage PKI on all major DevOps tools.

Perform any operation on any service with quick-access widgets that you can build or customize.

Build your own reports with low-code elements, collate and visualize data from multiple sources through REST APIs.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Automate and orchestrate certificate and key lifecycles across devices and environments, and enforce compliance using policy.

Protect network and applications from outsider threats with network firewall and WAF policy automation.

Proactively detect and mitigate vulnerabilities with monitoring and analytics, context-aware troubleshooting, and auto-remediation.

Enforce policies in bulk, backup configurations, create and maintain a single source of truth (SSoT) for compliance.

Extensible, Scalable, Modular

Manage and automate deployments across on-premise, multi-cloud, hybrid, and containers.

Ensure seamless orchestration by integrating with an array of vendors and toolsets.

The AppViewX platform has a modular, microservice architecture, and its deployment can effortlessly be scaled up or down as required.

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