SSH Key Management and Automation

SSH Key management and automation

AppViewX SSH+ is a one-stop solution for managing and automating SSH keys in an infrastructure. It enables teams to discover, create, provision, rotate and secure SSH keys automatically while ensuring policy compliance across networks. It helps an enterprise enforce access controls and monitor key usage through a single console and proactively prevents key misuse. SSH+ can manage and automate an SSH key’s lifecycle on a platform regardless of its location, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Product Capabilities

and Inventory

Maintaining an inventory of only active keys by locating and eliminating inactive keys in your infrastructure can help NetOps prevent misuse before it’s too late. SSH+ can help you discover active and inactive keys from servers, ADCs and client devices on premises or in the cloud instantly and keep your inventory updated with a midnight sync feature.

Holistic View
of Keys

When an infrastructure includes thousands of keys and hosts, attempting to derive valuable insight from an inventory can become difficult. Our holistic view can graphically represent the information tied to each key, such as associated hosts and user accounts, irrespective of where they reside, to make management simple. This view also allows users to add or delete host devices and push, download, rotate or delete keys from the same view without compromising necessary business workflows.

Key Management

A business workflow implementation during key creation or modification applies the necessary checks to avoid unwanted key proliferation. With SSH+, keys can be created using best-in-class encryption algorithms with passphrase protection, or secured using an industry-standard HSM, and then pushed to the required hosts automatically. And, through the automated rotation of SSH keys, users with unauthorized access to critical systems can be removed regularly.

Key Policy

All keys are not created equal. Some protect access to mission-critical application systems while others protect access to less-important testing environments. With SSH+, keys scan be grouped based on functionality and required policies (such as recommended cryptographic techniques and workflows) can be mapped appropriately to enable easier management and monitor policy violations.

Privilege Access

Providing privileged access to one-time users for a finite amount of time can be challenging when managed manually. With SSH+, users have the power to provide and terminate user access to these systems automatically. Our role-based access control’s tight integration with a user’s LDAP ensures that the necessary teams have a granular view of key groups, as well as the ability to monitor unauthorized key usage.

Single Window
Terminal Access

Having one application to create and manage SSH keys and another to access your systems with these keys can be counter-productive. Get direct access to all target systems on-premises or in the cloud within the same console to ensure seamless user experience and superior session tracking on all supported devices.

Automated SSH Key Management

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