ADC Management and Automation

Infrastructure and operational leaders need to manage dynamic environments to maintain continuous application delivery and meet the demand for new applications delivered at an increasingly faster pace. Application delivery controllers are a key component within network infrastructures for improving the availability, security, and performance of applications. As enterprises begin to adopt bimodal IT, managing the ADC infrastructure is extremely complex. It gets even more difficult when large numbers of instances are required on a transient basis to meet business needs.

AppViewX provides role-based management, automation, and orchestration of multi-vendor ADC environments that serve applications across data centers.

Enable Self-Service and Automate ADC Deployment

Application services are operated in a dynamic environment and are tied to multiple policies. This results in repetitive tasks and a pile of unfulfilled requirements, delaying time to market. Enterprises need a powerful network automation platform to meet business demands and coordinate more effectively.

  • AppViewX platform supplies prepackaged automation workflows to create or modify a virtual server so application owners can spin up an application in minutes.

  • Users can create custom, self-service forms built upon device configurations to address various application deployment scenarios.

  • AppViewX provides end-to-end provisioning of DNS, ADC configurations, firewall rules, and certificate installation.

Deploy Configuration Changes Faster with Change Management Automation

Organizations aim to be agile, but business units often need to submit multiple requests to deploy an application. Change management is inconsistent across domains with a manual approach.

  • AppViewX provides automation of routine changes and processes, such as validations, and standardizes configuration formats and deployment processes to make management easy.

  • An event-based, customizable workflow system allows users to select from the default task library or to build custom tasks.

  • Plug-and-play integrations into various ITSM systems provide complete change management automation.

  • Intelligent work orders enable tasks to be executed sequentially or in parallel.

Control Access and Improve Operational Efficiency

Multiple stakeholders have to collaborate effectively and rapidly to provision an application, which can be facilitated through automation and workflows.

  • AppViewX provides granular access control to application objects, certificates, and configuration templates. The solution makes it easy to control access and delegate tasks.

  • Platform integrates with external directory service systems, such as AD, RADIUS, TACACS, and LDAP.

  • A single request offers a simple way to track and deploy.

  • Roles can be easily created, changed, or discontinued per the needs of the organization.

  • Companies can realize a significant improvement in operational efficiency and cross-team collaboration.

ADC Infrastructure Management from a Single Window

Infrastructure and operations teams struggle to manage complex, heterogeneous ADC environments serving mode 1 and mode 2 applications without a single, all-encompassing ADC automation solution.

  • AppViewX provides a single-pane-of-glass view of dynamic ADC infrastructure, supporting A10 Networks, Akamai, Amazon Web Services (ELB), Avi Networks, Brocade, Cisco, Citrix, F5 Networks, HAProxy, NGINX and Radware.

  • Simplifies version migrations with minimum application downtime.

  • Application-centric, customizable reports help to monitor application utilization to enable efficient capacity planning on the ADCs.

  • Nodes can be dynamically provisioned based on custom-defined thresholds.

  • Device heat map reports provide device performance monitoring, including CPU, memory, and interface bandwidth utilization.

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