Security Policy Management and Automation

Your applications are always vulnerable. Hackers are getting smarter and attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day. Access control, encrypted traffic, DDoS, and code vulnerabilities are being exploited more often to break applications and expose valuable data. To overcome these challenges and ensure uninterrupted data center services, enterprises are using different security services from various vendors. But each security service protects the application with security policies that are very dynamic in nature.

Managing security policies across multiple vendors then become a challenge, and it becomes even more difficult when enterprises choose to build their application security from scratch, deploying each device using manual processes. This leaves no centralized way to gain visibility of all the policies tied to a particular application.

Centralized, Vendor-agnostic Security Policy Management

As threats become more advanced every year, it becomes more impractical to manage policies across multiple vendors using multiple systems. As a unified policy management solution, AppViewX enables you to manage all your security services centrally.

  • Instantiate and manage NAT/security policies on your on-premises appliances and VNFs and in your cloud

  • Replicate security policies across data centers with easy-to-use templates

  • Provide role-based access control for all your security policies and services

Security Services Automation and Orchestration

Even the most advanced protection can be broken. When under attack, you cannot afford to waste time manually patching vulnerabilities. Using AppViewX, you can quickly remediate threats without compromising your enterprise workflows.

  • Use self-service templates to create and modify security policies automatically

  • Automate policy cleanups without impacting uptime

  • Audit all activities and ensure compliance with admin-defined workflows

Application-centric Policy Visibility

It is no longer sufficient to just view policies on your screen. Bringing together information from multiple systems can provide the intelligence you need to mitigate risks proactively. With AppViewX, you can better correlate security information across your entire network.

  • Gain application-centric visibility to enhance the self-servicing capabilities of your resources

  • Optimize your policies with reports on duplicate and unused rules on a regular basis

  • Compare multiple WAF policies on the same device or across devices to ensure change optimization

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