Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Eliminate certificate outages and manual configuration errors with AppViewX – a platform that provides full visibility into and control over the entire certificate chain of trust. Set up workflows, integrate with third-party tools, manage lifecycles end-to-end, and more.

The next-generation machine identity management solution

PKI is evolving. Networks now possess thousands of endpoints on them, ranging from servers and devices, to containers and the IoT. Managing every machine identity manually not only requires significant expertise, but also leads to risks of mismanagement and outages.

AppViewX CERT+ gives you the confidence to build and endlessly scale your PKI and tech stacks – we’ve got you covered. Our platform helps teams seamlessly manage and automate the PKI lifecycle, but also integrates with other platforms (IoT, DevOps, Cloud, ITSM, and so on) to ensure that your business operations never experience downtime due to PKI ever again.

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Critical Challenges in PKI Management


Enterprises lack knowledge of where keys and certificates reside, making it much harder for them to effectively manage them. There is also low visibility into crypto-policy and algorithms used.

Manual Operations

With thousands of certificates and keys existing on any given network, it becomes impossible to renew, install, or circulate them effectively.

Insufficient Integration

PKI cannot operate alone – it needs to work with multiple servers, devices, CAs, HSMs, DevOps tools, ITSM tools, and more – these integrations are difficult to build from scratch.

Haphazard Scalability

PKI should be able to scale instantly along with the network it supports, but enterprises often lack the hardware and technical expertise required to do so, resulting in an imbalance in growth.

Lack of

The ability to rapidly respond to vulnerabilities and threats by carrying out blanket upgrades and algorithm swaps is critical to ensuring a secure, constantly vigilant PKI.


Rigid policy enforcement is critical to ensuring that PKI is in line with organizational security standards, but organizations often lack sufficient control over PKI processes to do so – resulting in shadow PKI non-compliant deployments.


The CISO’s Guide to Certificate Lifecycle Management

Solutions for Every Business Need

Discovery and Visibility

Discover, view, and monitor certificates and keys across heterogeneous environments.

Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Build custom, event-driven workflows for all certificate processes, with self-service capabilities.

Cloud and DevOps

Perform certificate operations across cloud and hybrid/multi cloud environments, and integrate with DevOps tools like Kubernetes and Terraform.

Secure Key Management

Use an AES-256 bit encrypted database or FIPS-compliant HSMs to store keys and circulate them, and leverage vaults to store device credentials.

Certificate and Key Compliance

Define and enforce PKI policy across your organization, and establish role-based control and audit trails for added security.

IoT and Mobile End-Points

Manage certificates on mobile and cloud endpoints via SCEP, ACME, EST, and CMP – we integrate with MDM and EMM platforms, too.

SSH Key Lifecycle Automation

Discover, manage, and rotate SSH keys using simple automation workflows, and monitor SSH sessions.


A ready-to-use, high-security, high-availability, and scalable PKI available on the cloud, hybrid, or on-prem.

"AppViewX significantly decreased our operational outages due to certificate expiry."

Head of Security

Finance Industry

“...We saved 90% time on operations, it really ended up delighting our end users, they’re surprised at how easy it is to request certificates”

Lead PKI Security Engineer

Xcel Energy, USA

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