Service Request Management and Automation

For many organizations, the pressure to deploy applications quickly and efficiently is building. The workloads needed to deploy new applications or modify existing ones are spread across multiple environments with multiple endpoints, and the need for agility is resulting in new levels of heterogeneity in IT environments. In this digital age, to achieve true IT agility, NetOps teams must address many challenges such as cross-team collaboration, resource optimization, cost-efficiency, lack of application visibility and manual errors to deliver applications in minutes or days, rather than weeks or months.

AppViewX offers a suite of tools for NetOps teams striving for the business-driven, agile application delivery necessary to transform their organizations into true digital enterprises. AppViewX accelerates the delivery of infrastructure and services, thereby enabling NetOps to quickly achieve operational and configuration agility. It empowers NetOps team to understand the value of automating deployment of application infrastructures and services.

Enable Self-Servicing IT and Automate Service Requests

As the demands of digitalization increase, application teams are seeing a growing influx of change requests flooding their queues weekly. Given the networks of today are a complex hybrid of physical, virtual and cloud environments, multiple teams must scramble to address these requests as they begin to pile up. As a result, most of these requests violate the SLA before NetOps even know they exist.

  • AppViewX provides simple, easy-to-use self-servicing tools for NetOps and application teams to deploy new applications or modify existing ones.

  • The visual canvas that defines infrastructure allows users to perform operational tasks (or any other actions) on the discovered service components.

  • It allows users to delegate access to various teams, providing a powerful collaboration workspace.

Achieve NetOps Agility with Zero Touch Provisioning

Deploying a new application involves designing the infrastructure, defining workflows and implementing the process before the deadline. In any given deployment, there are multiple devices to configure and taking a manual approach is cumbersome and time-consuming.

  • AppViewX simplifies business processes through event-driven, intelligent and automated workflows.

  • Integration with ITSM and other third-party systems provides complete change management automation of both new and routine service requests.

  • Proper change control across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructure enables zero touch provisioning of service requests.

  • Single-click application deployment using AppVision Blueprints drastically reduces both delivery time and application downtime.

Eliminate Misconfigurations and Human Errors through Automation

Any configuration changes or new deployments must meet pre-defined design standards set by the organization. This makes it difficult to properly implement changes without misconfigurations using simply a manual approach, even if the changes are controlled. Approaching the process manually poses huge risk to businesses as every outage or error is directly tied to their overhead expenses.

  • AppViewX streamlines business processes by helping users to avoid costly errors using custom configuration templates in place of a manual approach.

  • It enables efficient service delivery, reduces risk and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

  • As a result, companies can enable more agile application deliveries while also implementing efficient change implementation across multi-vendor and hybrid environments.

Troubleshoot Faster and Monitor with Application Visibility

When dealing with a complex application infrastructure that hosts hundreds of services, any network issues that arise can take hours to track, resulting in costly downtime. To troubleshoot these issues more effectively, NetOps must improve visibility to better understand where their applications stand. Unfortunately, most NetOps teams today live without this critical application visibility.

  • AppViewX uses device credentials to auto-discover various network components and configurations across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructures.

  • It provides intuitive and dynamic mapping of various infrastructure and services giving a complete view of the application infrastructure, a summary of change requests and work order logs.

  • With multiple teams working on a single live infrastructure map, it is easy to track what went wrong and fix the issues in real-time.

Reduce NetOps Costs by Reusing Blueprints and Automation

Most service requests are repetitive, but they still require action on behalf of the NetOps team. Automation of these routine tasks allows NetOps to create or modify configurations to address service requests rather than starting from scratch each time they come through. The next step then becomes automating and standardizing the configurations involved in deploying entirely new application infrastructure.

  • AppViewX allows application teams to modify and reuse existing configurations to address redundant requests, helping to close the margin of error and save time.

  • AppVision Blueprints can be deployed again and again, sparing them the cost and time involved in designing application infrastructure from scratch.

  • Adoption of self-servicing and automation reduces ticket volumes and in turn helps to control IT costs.

  • Improved service quality and faster delivery results in overall resource and cost optimization.

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