SSH Key Management and Automation

Security and convenience do not generally go hand in hand. Passwords control access to operating systems, applications, servers, and clouds, but they are largely complex and inefficient. This has led to the creation of password less authentication mechanisms, such as SSH, to enable seamless communication between devices and applications.

Beyond its use as an identification tool, SSH can also move data securely between two endpoints. But this can be a problem if SSH keys fall into the wrong hands because it can open permanent backdoors to sensitive organizational data. Most enterprises do not have a well-documented process for creating, managing, sharing, and removing keys in their infrastructure. Any number of keys can be created and deployed at will, and without a way to track or remove them, they can become a significant security vulnerability. Enterprises with poorly managed keys are not only at risk from breaches but also from becoming non-compliant with mandatory regulations. This makes it necessary for enterprises to secure their SSH keys using advanced tools that can mitigate risks arising from such vulnerabilities.

SSH Key Lifecycle Management and Automation

SSH keys are more secure than passwords. To ensure that it remains that way, the lifecycle of these keys must be efficiently managed. With AppViewX, you can manage and automate your SSH key’s lifecycle.

  • Create, deploy, rotate, share and delete SSH keys on-premises or in the cloud using a single solution

  • Terminate outdated keys periodically through automated key rotation

  • Create key groups based on their functionality for easier management and policy enforcement

Private Key Management

Private keys are the backbone of your SSH network. These cryptographic keys must be industry-standard and protected against unauthorized users. AppViewX can help you ensure that your private keys remain private.

  • Generate keys with advanced encryption techniques and bit lengths

  • Secure private keys in an AES-256 encrypted environment

  • Download private keys with passphrase protection to manually push keys to hosts

Access Control and Policy Management

Multiple teams require access to applications and devices on demand. Managing these sessions manually lacks the necessary auditing and accountability. Role-based access for teams can enable efficient provisioning, ensure policy administration, and help ensure compliance with international standards.

  • Provide granular access to hosts and keys and regulate privileged access to important accounts

  • Create audit trails for each activity and ensure that every important activity follows an established workflow

  • Set policies to ensure that keys are generated using enterprise-defined encryption algorithms and are shared to only authorized users

Comprehensive Visibility

A lot of SSH keys in an environment are unaccounted for because anyone can create an SSH key pair, push it to a device, and eventually forget about it. With AppViewX, you can gain visibility into your rogue and unused keys before they compromise your sensitive data.

  • Discover keys in your environment through different modes, such as IP, subnet, and managed devices, and build an inventory automatically

  • Gain a holistic view of SSH keys and their respective host connections with intuitive single-click actions for key management and automation

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